Does Cristiano Ronaldo have a tattoo?

Does Cristiano Ronaldo have any special tattoo? Know The Real Truth

There’s no doubt about the fact that Football is the world’s most viewed sport and one person who has played a tremendous role in helping the game of Football achieve that is Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s a legend in the true sense of the term and his fan following is in billions. It’s no rocket science that Cristiano Ronaldo is the biggest reason why fans have so much craze and fascination around Portugal and Manchester United when it comes to club level football.

Not just is he amazing on the field, he seems to be playing a game of his own off the field as well. His good looks and hot personality makes him quite a ‘Ladies Man’. But does Cristiano Ronaldo have any tattoos?

Well, the answer is a big no. Although with modern-day technology, one can donate blood even with tattoos, but Cristiano had earlier avoided getting a tattoo done in the early years of 2000 simply because he likes to donate blood quite often. From then till now, he doesn’t have any single tattoo.

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