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Cristiano Ronaldo disguised himself in 2015 as a homeless man and was roaming around on the streets of Madrid…

When Cristiano Ronaldo Took Over The Madrid Streets In Disguise!

Only a handful of athletes in any sport can claim to match the longevity Cristiano Ronaldo has had at the highest level and for this reason, he can genuinely lay claim to being the greatest athlete in the history of professional sports. He is literally an idol for all football lovers across the world and his fans have a sole wish of seeing him in person and if lucky enough, to interact with him. He once did step out on the streets of Madrid but in disguise.

So the then Real Madrid talismanic striker decided to show up on the streets of the Spanish capital, presumably disguised as a homeless person with a penchant for football. started pulling out some of the magic tricks from his repertoire and tried to lure people to join him. Naturally, his heavily bearded and ragged look did enough to conceal his identity and most people ignored him. His act and disguise were so convincing that when he asked a woman for her number, she turned down one of the world’s best soccer players. Finally, after playing with a boy named Nicolas for a few minutes, Ronaldo signed the soccer ball and revealed himself. The boy was shocked and excited when Ronaldo took off the shaggy wig and beard.

Take a look at the video and stay tuned for more such updates.

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