Dwayne John Bravo, a former captain of the West Indies cricket team, is a Trinidadian cricket player. Bravo is a well-known right-arm fast bowler who is known for his versatility as well as his aggressive batting in the bottom of the order and game-winning bowling. During his time, he was regarded as one of T20 Cricket’s best death bowlers. He performs live singing as well.

The Chennai Super Kings cricket star Dwayne Bravo says that when he’s not playing, he likes to unwind by producing music. The West Indian cricketer, who is also in awe of Indian music, just released his single “Chalo Chalo,” which he considers an “accomplishment in that (environment)”.

In front of his teammates from the Chennai Super Kings and some friends from Royal Challengers Bangalore, Bravo unveiled the song while dressed in a golden sherwani.

According to Bravo, the song Chalo Chalo is a fusion of Caribbean, western, and Indian music.

He claimed that having to sit out of the West Indies World Cup team caused him to write the song.

Dwayne Bravo, also referred to as “DJ,” sways leg. The song pays tribute to the West Indies cricket team’s legends in the greatest way imaginable. Fans of sports other than cricket have expressed interest in the song.

The West Indies’ hegemony over international cricket has been somewhat reasserted by the T20 World Cup 2016, hence every West Indies team would be connected with the song. Along with the men’s team, the West Indies women’s team won the ICC World T20. We would remember it for a very long time with the aid of this song. The Caribbean conglomerate could hardly have been more pleased.