DJ Bravo stated in media, he is  excited to be a part of music that his believe will offer the audience so much joy and happiness!! When he initially heard it, he told RaOol that he wanted to be on this tune, so let’s do it! It’s now time for our fans to have some fun!”

RaOol, a London-based composer and rapper, collaborated with lyricists Nitish Bakshi and Justin Mall to write the song. The video was shot in three different places throughout the world: Goa, London, and Trinidad.
RaOol shot in Goa, Bravo in Trinidad, and Ankit shot in Goa for the song, which was then edited and polished for the screen.

RaOol expressed his thoughts as follows: “he wanted to challenge myself as a composer to create something that deviates from my usual urban sound and creates a tune that evokes a Bollywood vibe while being true to my own style.” “He was ecstatic to have these incredible vocalists adore the tune and jump on it, as well as his friend Ruel bringing my vision to life.” “The fact that Ruel rocked out in the video was the icing on the cake! At its core, this is a great dance record, and he is quite interested to hear what the fans have to say.” Ankit Tiwari believes that diversification is essential for all artists.

“He loved the song when RaOol played it, and he knew it was going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. It allowed me to broaden my horizons, and he had a blast working on it.” “It’s a lively number, and he is  hoping the audience enjoys it,” Tiwari remarked.

“We had a specific vision for the song,” Ruel continued. “It had to reflect the joy of the song and give honor to RaOol’s bright Bollywood flair, while also expressing street and hip hop culture.”

Nakash Aziz, a musician, stated that he was able to learn from artists that were not in his genre.

Source: The Indian Express.