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Ronaldo is one legendary football and an idol for many, so imitating him is quite obvious...

Reasons Why We All Love To Imitate Ronaldo On-Field

Often considered as the best player in the world and widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time is Ronaldo. Only a handful of athletes in any sport can claim to match the longevity Cristiano Ronaldo has in football. Ronaldo’s soccer skills are widely imitated by his fans and rightfully so. The Portuguese winger has to be one of the fastest pure sprinters in the game, and imitating that has to be one of the difficult things to do. However, once you master it, half the battle is won. All the greats can do it, but only a few can generate magic like clockwork. Ronaldo possesses undoubtedly one of the most unique free-kick techniques ever seen. Ronaldo’s techniques if imitated correctly can win matches easily. Ronaldo loves the game and not the money that comes with it. He once said that he is ready to play soccer even without getting paid. His love and passion for the game is worth imitating.

Apart from football, this pure soul is one of the kindest. Ronaldo is an athlete without tattoos and the reason is that he donates blood to the needy every year. With a tattoo that wouldn’t be possible. He also does a lot of charity work for the underprivileged. His love for fans and helping nature towards the teammates and opponent team in times of trouble is applaudable. Ronaldo as a human is extremely helpful and grounded. When a man has everything and still thinks of others is bound to be imitated.

Not just football, but his passionate and kind nature is something worth following.

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