Check out the best-ever catches by the former Australian player, Ricky Ponting!

Revisiting The Best Catches By Ricky Ponting

The former Australian cricketer, coach, and commentator, Ricky Ponting is regarded as one of the best captains in international cricket. He was a great right-handed batsman, who was also seen bowling in the right arm medium style, occasionally. Ricky Ponting had mastered every sphere of cricket, from batting to bowling, captaincy, and that of a fielder. Fielding has always been a vital part of the sport and Ricky Ponting has done that excellently. He was also the non-wicketkeeper Australian fielder with most Test catches of 196 total.

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The fielding genius, Ricky Ponting was great with his skills, especially the backward position. His speed, observation, and aerobatic skills have always been the key to all his successful catches, during his tenure. Ricky was mentally sharp enough to understand the situation and get adapted to it. And thus, it was easy for him to detect the ball to catch it easily. Ricky Ponting has got a number of epic catches at the international matches to date. His catch from the 2004 Test match between India and Australia in Chennai was worth remembering and is considered to be one of the best catches by Ricky Ponting. It was Dinesh Kartik whom he got dismissed with his impeccable catch. Again, in the 4th Test match between India and Australia at Adelaide, when he got a slip catch near the pitch and got Rahul Dravid out.

There are more such amazing catches by Ricky Pointing during his time as a cricketer. The Australian player will be remembered forever for his excellency on the field.

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