Former West Indies cricketer Viv Richards has spoken out about the ongoing dispute between Chris Gayle and Curtly Ambrose over Gayle’s selection for the T20 World Cup. Viv Richards, one of the greatest players in the game’s history, did the correct thing by shifting the discourse to the respective side.

Chris Gayle hasn’t been in great form for his country or in the IPL recently, but despite this, he’s been given plenty of opportunities. He was also chosen in the squad for the T20 World cup, however, prior selectors have expressed reservations over his selection. Gayle has dominated T20 cricket for many years, but his age will continue to be a point of contention.
He was quoted saying, “It Curtly’s an honest opinion and he is entitled to that and he is just as much an achiever as Chris Gayle at the highest level and you should have respect for that. So, when you hear it’s coming from an individual who would have also been an achiever and being a legend in the department of the sport we would have represented, you must have respect for that too.”

He also added, “If I was Chris, the best positive way I could look at it would be to set my mind on what I would like to accomplish because it is not just Curtly. There are so many folks who would have had their criticisms about Chris being in the team. Chris is still a pretty good player in my opinion and at this point, that particular criticism must be used as a motivator.”