The footballer had some guests to interrupt his workout but he involved them with him...

Watch: Cristiano Ronaldo had some adorable disruptors during his workout

Cristiano Ronaldo is often considered as the best player in the world and widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. He is renowned for being one of the most athletic players in football history. He is an athlete with just 10% body fat. Ronaldo often posts his workout videos on Instagram for his fans. Recently he posted a video while working out at home itself due to the quarantine.

The legendary footballer had some guests while working out and the guests were none other than his cute kids. The kids push his head while he is doing abdominal crunches. Eventually, Cristiano lifts up his daughter and son turn by turn and continues his workout. It is really endearing to watch the footballer being the doting father and the family enjoying their time together during the quarantine. The video is a welcome ray of light during these gloomy difficult days.

Take a look at the video and we are sure you are going to fall in love with Cristiano Ronaldo all over again.

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