Actress Smriti Khanna takes up swimming classes to be fit

Actress Smriti Khanna takes up swimming classes to be fit

Talented actress Smriti Khanna, who is well-known name in the television industry due to her exceptional role as Parvati Mata in & TV’s Santoshi Maa, is quite a modern fit women in real life. The onscreen goddess is working round the clock, shooting day and night but is lately known to give extra importance to fitness and for the same has taken up swimming classes.

In order to be healthy and at the same time beat the scorching heat, Smriti has enrolled herself in swimming classes. Amidst the busy schedule, the actress is known to be dedicatedly removing time for her class and is trying her best to not skip even one session. A source close to actress revealed that the gorgeous actress always wanted to get into some physical activity to be fit and healthy and with temperature rising high what better way than doing swimming!

Talking about it Smriti says, “Being an actor is a full time job so it’s important to make time for yourself. After I joined swimming classes I feel so fresh and rejuvenated, it’s kind of therapy and it helps me a lot to be active the whole day. I guess it’s all about being fit internally and externally. I am glad I have taken up something which makes me happy within.”

Well, with Mumbai’s ongoing temperature scale, Smriti surly has taken up a smart choice.

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