Ashita Dhawan comments on the Vinta Nanda allegation against popular actor Alok Nath. Read for details.

Alleged sexual assault victims should approach the court for legal redress, rather than milk publicity: Ashita Dhawan

While there is a lot of support for Vinta Nanda for her rape allegations against veteran actor, Alok Nath, there are a few dissenting voices too, and being responsible journalists, it is our duty to present the contrarian views as well. In any vibrant democracy, dissenters need to be heard too. It is not the job of the media to take sides, but to only offer both sides of the story to its viewers, so that they are in a better position to have an informed view. We are not the judge, jury or prosecutor.

Talented actor, Ashita Dhawan, who has worked with Alok Nath in Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai, questions Vinta Nanda’s and other women’s action of airing their views on social media. “If something really nasty happened to you years back, and you have finally gathered the courage to come out now, should you then not take the legal route and file a police complaint (Tanushree Dutta has finally done so), rather than seek publicity? At least, that’s what I would have done, had I been in their place.”

“There is nothing wrong in gathering support, but it needs to have a logical conclusion of getting justice the hard way, which media alone can’t give. But if you just plan to milk this sympathy for 10/15 days and then do nothing about it, then it’s better to shut up now,” says Ashita who has also done Ladies Special and Zara Nachke Dikha.

“This way, it seems that you also want to add your name to the list of me too victims garnering sympathy. Nobody is a fool; we all are smart enough to understand what is going on. Today, housewives think better then working women.”

“Sadly, the media too gives a platform to such people rather than asking the pointed question that why don’t they take the matter to its legal conclusion? Let me be very clear, I don’t know what happened. And will not judge until I hear both sides of the story,” she

In closing, Ashita, who is currently doing Nazar on STAR Plus, says, “Sadly, a lot of stuff happens, but it is mostly consensual. It is not easy to touch a modern girl. And honestly, any self-respecting woman would have given a kick to the money there and then, and rushed to the cops if really violated.”

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