My casting stint helps me understand the limitations of production houses: Anjali Priya

Anjali Priya who essays the lead role of Chitra in &TV’s Main Bhi Ardhangini gets into a conversation with

My casting stint helps me understand the limitations of production houses: Anjali Priya

Anjali Priya, who plays the sweet ghost in &TV show Main Bhi Ardhangini, is very happy that she had first taken up casting before venturing into acting. “This has really helped me emote better in front of the TV camera.”

Says Anjali, “Although I landed in Mumbai with acting dreams, I began as AD for TVC shoots, not wanting to depend on my parents for my daily bread. Then I took up casting, as I realized that I had the capacity to understand the requirements of the director and provide appropriate talent. This also honed my personal acting chops, for I learnt so much about the craft while going through the rigours of daily auditions. I have cast for over 60 shows and most of them have around 15 actors (primary to secondary cast) in each. So you can understand the level of interaction.”

“My casting stint also helps me overcome the huge chasm between actors and the behind-the-scenes team. Having worked with production houses, I also understand their limitations, and so as actor, I am ready to adjust accordingly. I will also not repeat the attitude-throwing mistakes that several actors have done before, costing them their careers. Having said that, actors also have their points of view, which need to be addressed in order to have a healthy working environment,” she avers.

Prior to Ardhangini, she had done a negative role in Zee TV show, Bhootu. “My new character is not really evil; she just wants to protect her hubby Madhav (Avinash Sachdev) from the evil surrounding him. Agreed, at first she does not like his second wife, Vaidehi (Aditi Rawat), but will soon realize that she too cares for him.” Anjali had also acted in Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap.

“The best thing about playing Chitra is that I am getting to explore all emotions. Apart from her current anger, the flashback scenes also show me and Madhav madly in love,” Anjali quips.

Point out that her supernatural character is not really powerful, to which she says, “That is because she is hamstrung by a ring that she ironically had given to Madhav to protect him from evil spirits. Also, let’s face it, if she really brandished her powers, the entire family could be wiped out in one go, but then we need to take the story forward as well.”

“The biggest challenge here is that we are shooting entirely in Jaipur. So staying away from family is also an issue; but again no pain, no gain.”

Looking ahead, she would also want to try her hand at movies and web series. “I am glad to have waited, for I think I still need to polish my skills to better portray the complex digital and cinema characters, as opposed to simpler TV avatars.”

Best of luck, Anjali!!

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