Ashish Chanchlani is the epitome of comic timing and serves as an inspiration for many young minds. He is well-known for his real-life comedy, which he chooses to display in his vines. According to him, the majority of what you see in the videos is what he has actually experienced, and if not, he has undoubtedly witnessed similar events taking place nearby. Of course, everything is exaggerated, but that adds to the pleasure. His art connects with viewers because of how similarly our generation perceives life. Ashish’s take on life is very simple. With his sweet and cheerful personality, he wins everyone’s hearts.

Oh his Instagram stories, Ashish Chanchlani posted a video along with his friends from the industry actress Samreen Kaur and former Big Boss contestant Roshni Banik. The trio is in Jammu right now according to his location. In the video, Ashish asks Roshmi Banik, “Matlab Bengali ho toh fish hi banaogi, stereotype hai kya?” To which she replies that it’s her art and she is a pro at making fish. When he asks Samreen, she is seen making fried potato bites.

In the next shot, Samreen is seen coming with the plate for tasting. She has re-fried readymade potato fries with onion which is quite funny and Ashish laughs his heart out. Ashish tells us, “Okay audience testing chal rahi hai, Kaisa Laga?” Her brother and Roshmi give good reactions to it indicating that the food is good. But when it comes to Ashish, when he tastes it, he acts like he is fainting and falls to the ground humorously.

What makes this video funnier is the way our hero Ashish laughs out loud in a creepy way. That’s his signature laughter! Currently, he has around 28.4 million subscribers on Youtube. His video named ‘Sasta Shark Tank’ became a smashing hit overnight.