Jennifer Winget is an epitome of fashion and her style statement and sense of fashion, has wowed one and all and won her millions of hearts.

Decoding Jennifer Winget’s style statement

Jennifer Winget aka our beloved Maya from Beyhadh, has been the heart-throb of many in the past few years and everything from her acting chops to her dressing sense, has left us in total awe of her. Her fashion statement is so exclusive that we can’t help but want to have a sneak peek in her fabulous closet. She is truly an icon in the fashion world and her good looks and charming personality make every attire look like it was made for her.
Decoding Jennifer Winget's style statement
Her fashion statement has frequently wowed one and all and we can’t help but wonder about decoding this very intrinsic and elegant style of Jennifer Winget!

Every time Jennifer Winget made an appearance as Maya Mehrotra in Beyhadh, she was just so impeccably dressed that no one could take eyes off her. Her on-screen style statement has bowled over many and earned her millions of fans, who would love to follow her social media religiously!
From bodycon dresses to pansuits and from evening gowns to ethnic wear, Jennifer Winget’s style statement is worth a million bucks. Even when it comes to traditional attires, she manages to look flawless in lehengas and rocks even a simple salwar kameez. She can wear any outfit with the utmost of flair and pull off different styles with panache.
Decoding Jennifer Winget's style statement 1
Television vamps were often known to go overboard with their make-up and over-reacting personas, in the past, but Maya has broken all those stereotypes with her stellar fashion statement. Her elegant outfits and minimalistic make-up defined her style and fans love her style-files to the core.
Jennifer Winget is definitely a fashion icon and a style idol for the youth of today and we can’t help but be inspired just looking at this fashionista look gorgeous in every attire.

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