Kettan Singh talks about his show Shankar, Jai and Kishan on SAB TV

It’s difficult, but I balance it out to enact Shankar, Jai and Kishan: Kettan Singh

Popular RJ and Voice mimic artist Kettan Singh is a complete entertainer.

The talented lad, who is currently portraying three characters in SAB TV’s Shankar Jai Kishan 3 in 1, says he was scared of being stereotyped on TV before joining the show.

He shares, “I was skeptical of taking up a daily show on TV because of the amount of time I had to give to it. I was scared of the fact that women have more prominence in a TV show and also an actor getting stereotyped. However, there is no chance of getting stereotyped in Shankar Jai Kishan 3 in 1 as I am playing all the three roles.”

So how did the show come by? “I did a show for YouTube titled Janhit Mein Jaari and one of the videos went viral. My producer Siddharth Tewary (Swastik Pictures) saw the video and he really liked it. At the same time, he was looking for a lead actor for his show Shankar Jai Kishan 3 in 1. He called me for audition and that’s how I bagged it.”

Talking about the difficulty of portraying three characters, he quips, “It is very difficult to enact three characters, especially to bifurcate them. Every day something comes up but I manage to balance all the characters simultaneously. I had to do a bit of my homework. I feel really blessed to be playing such a versatile character.”

All the best, Kettan!!!

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