Manish Naggdev, who last weekend put out an emotional open letter regarding his breakup with fiancé Srishty Rode, spoke to IWMBuzz about the what and why.

“It is not easy to get hurt by someone whom you blindly trusted. No wonder, for a long time, I had been grappling with this inner turmoil about what went wrong.”

He continues: “Many fans and friends, not knowing the truth, were blaming me. Hence it was important to set the record straight. There is no intention to malign; have I have named anyone? I just wanted to say what really happened,” says Manish, last seen in Udaan.

Breakup on a call seems not quite right. Did you not try to work it out?

“I tried to reason with her on the same call, asking her to sleep on it, but she was adamant that it was all over. I then messaged her, but again, to no avail. I too stopped beyond that, for there is something called self-respect,” said Manish, who is known for his performances in Banoo Main Teri Dulhann and Begusarai.

“Here, let me add that I am not really hurt at things not working out between us; it happened. But you don’t do it on a phone call. Plus, she needs to appreciate that I went out on a limb for her during her Bigg Boss stint. I was always on my phone and laptop, trying to drum up support for her. Despite doing all this, what did I land up with?”

Here he admits, “It became a bit messy, for our respective families were also involved.”

“Also, as I mentioned in my letter, if a relationship goes south, don’t automatically assume that the man is always wrong. The only reason why we keep silent is that we are programmed from childhood to not make a fuss in the case of girls. This is further buttressed by the knowledge that nothing will come out of it. I am not really sure if people will believe this time around as well, but this is something that has happened in public knowledge. I would keep bombarding my friends with SaveSrishtymessages.”

What has been the industry reaction?

“Till date, no one has questioned as to why I went public, plus my friends have supported me.”

Point out that there is buzz that Srishty decided to walk out on him for she felt that post Bigg Boss, she was in a different league, and he says, “While I can’t guess what was going on in her mind, her actions do seem to indicate the same.”

Did you feel something was amiss after she came back from Bigg Boss, for the parting happened very soon afterward? “Well, to be honest, I did not feel anything for she was very busy with media interactions. However, I was shocked and hurt when she called it quits the way she did.”

It was reported that you had slipped into depression .How did you come out of it? “I tried to keep myself busy, for, the moment you have free time, the mind harks back to the past.”