Here’s our list of Iconic Characters features on Game Of Thrones

Iconic characters of Game Of Thrones

The much-anticipated final season of Game of Thrones, the American fantasy show is all set to premiere as millions of fans await with bated breaths.

Along with some iconic scenes, Game Of Thrones has also produced numerous characters over the course of seasons. Let’s take a look at the most iconic Game Of Thrones characters.

Jon Snow- He protec, he attac, and he a fantasy snack. The charming hunk is the supreme protagonist of the series. The natural leader is also a warrior with unwavering courage and  a knack for caring for his people.

Iconic characters of Game Of Thrones

Bran Stark- The supernatural lad is often considered the bad apple amongst the other starks.  He is no soldier but his ability to catch glimpses of past and future is surely enough to scare someone witless. Regarded as the most underestimated character , it will be intriguing to see his role in the grand scheme of the series.

Iconic characters of Game Of Thrones 1

Tyrion Lannister- The extremely witty character with the proficiency in outsmarting the authority whilst respecting the rules is argueably one of the most loved character of the series. His height only makes him more intimidating than anything. His logical reasonings and humour makes him all more relatable.

Iconic characters of Game Of Thrones 2

Joffrey Baratheon- The King we all love to hate. Joffrey Baratheon is the evilest of evil villain in all seven kingdoms. From ordering to kill Ned Stark to happily allowing his own fiancee, Sansa Stark be abused and beaten, he’s done it all.

Iconic characters of Game Of Thrones 3

Arya Stark- Arya Stark is one of the most interesting and popular characters in the show. From being tomboy to turning into a dark person who loses all faith in humanity – it has been intriguing to watch her character develop.

Iconic characters of Game Of Thrones 4

Cersei Lannister- The ultimate Evil Queen of Westeros! She’s fierce, vengeful and can turn you into ashes if you ever try to cross her. No one knows it better than Ned Stark!

Iconic characters of Game Of Thrones 5

Daenerys Targareyn- Mother Of Dragons. Need we say more?

Iconic characters of Game Of Thrones 6

Jaime Lannister- He’s come a long way since we first saw him push Bran Stark out of the window without a hint of remorse. Jaime always has us conflicted because of the dramatic reversal of his character in the show. But he is one of GoT’s greatest assets.

Iconic characters of Game Of Thrones 8

Sansa Stark- She might have not been the most interesting character to watch out for in the first two seasons but watching Sansa suffer the most turmoil and still come out at the end stronger than ever has been a delight to watch. It helps that we always root for her!

Iconic characters of Game Of Thrones 9

Ned Stark- How can we forget the one who started it all? His beheading led to devastating war between the major houses of the Seven Kingdoms. And here we are!

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