Manu Punjabi all set for a new small screenings post Bigg Boss

In the entertainment world, even if you are not busy you have to show that you are: Manu Punjabi

Manu Punjabi of Bigg Boss 10 fame has just started hosting a new dating show on MTV titled A Date to Remember.

“To start with we are hosting multi city auditions to finalize 27 contestants i.e.  18 guys and 9 girls. The above guys will need to prove that they can do anything for their lady love. But there is no heavy duty physical task, just some sugar spicy games which are designed in such a way that a guy’s true romantic mettle will come out. The girls on the other hand will be judged on their looks how they speak and present themselves.  Some time the former can be deceptive, so we will choose gals who have the complete personality.”

Here Manu says dating is not necessarily romantic, “You can spend quality time with family and friends.   Like I had a date with my mom, we spent the whole day together, ate her favorite food, watched her favorite Salman Khan movie.”

Life has completely changed for Manu after Bigg Boss. “Random people on the street want to click pictures with me to show to the world that they have met.  It gives me a new high and the urge to rise even higher.”

Manu adds that he is in touch with all the commoner Bigg Boss contestants. “As for the celeb lot, I am in contact with few the rest are supposedly busy. There is a trend in the entertainment world that even if you are not busy you have to show that you are.”

What about your equation with Monalisa with who he had a ‘fling’ controversy? “Yes there were issues because we were locked up inside the house.  Now that we are independent, we have become good friends helping each other out as well.”

Looking ahead, Manu is open to both fiction and nonfiction shows which would reflect his personality. “I would also love to do negative and semi negative shades where I am able to give the hero a run for his money.”

In closing, he gives following suggestions to youngsters who wish to make a name for themselves in reality shows.

“If you have the spark, try your luck at auditions which are just another examination.  Live life fully and yes, always respect your folks.”

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