Actor Khushank Arora has in the recent times gone in for a rigorous workout regime, and the result before him is that he has acquired a well-sculpted body.

Khushank Arora’s ‘meticulous’ well-sculpted body transformation!!

Khushank Arora who was last seen in Santoshi Maa has prepared himself up to the extent of giving himself a complete transformation in terms of look!!

Well, the reason for his rigorous workouts over the past few months were for a certain project he had bagged.

Says Khushank, “Actually I had signed a show for which I was rigorously working out, as it was a very macho role. But unfortunately, it got scrapped.”


But the result of all the hard work put in has now provided Khushank the needed result!!

“I had to accomplish and acquire the attributes of being agile, fit, and full of strength, endurance, resistance and flexibility. In achieving this goal, I had to have a well-sculpted body,” he explains.

“I am not one of those blessed souls on the planet, who can get away by eating anything and still have a low body fat count. To maintain an extreme low body fat percentage all through the year is an extremely challenging task for which one needs to make a lot of sacrifices on the food platter front. I am aiming at a 10 % body fat as of now, and as per the role I take up in the near future, I can work around it. Since I have an endomorph body type, gaining muscle is not an issue at all for me,” he adds.

Elaborating on the methodology deployed by him for his transformation, Khushank states, “Every body is different and what suits best to one might not fit well for the other. Thus understanding one’s body is very crucial in any transformation!! I have been working out for many years, but I was too casual about it until recently. I went through a rigorous workout regime comprising of giant sets, supersets, drop sets to cutting down my body fat while gaining lean muscles. As easy as it sounds, it’s a very meticulous job where each and every calorie counts and there is no scope for error.”

On his diet regime, he avers, “My diet was a combination of high protein, medium carbs, low fat for the first 40 days and for the next 20 days, it was a ketogenic diet that I stuck to!”

Well, role or no role, Khushank is now happy that he has undergone the toughest challenge and now awaits the reward for the work put in.

“True that the role and show did not happen. But there is always a door that gets opened, when one shuts. Now that I am fit and transformed, I am on the lookout for a lead role, that will require me to be sleek and fit in body shape,” he states.

Lastly, on the need for going in for a transformation being an actor, he quips, “An actor needs to be able to adapt to any situation, any role, at any given point of time with at least a little bit of prep work if the time frame allows. Not just a physical transformation is important for a role adaptation, but also to exercise and train your thinking capacity is the most gruesome task for an actor. Every role has a different back story, feed, thought process and having a body shape befitting the role helps to accentuate and uplift an actor’s performance.”

Truly well-said, Khushank!! May you get the role that you and your transformation deserves!!



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