Actor Shah Faisal Saifi is on the verge of an emotional breakdown after losing his mother, his only source of inspiration.

Losing my mother is a very emotional setback for me: Shah Faisal Saifi

Actor Shah Faisal Saifi who has featured in shows Emotional Atyachar, Fear Files, Adaalat, and also forayed into the comic space with The Great Indian Family, wants to keep himself away from the hustle bustle of work life for few months!!

The actor has recently suffered a major loss, and is actually at a state of apparent breakdown.

Faisal lost his mother two months back, and this has brought about a very emotional setback in his life.

People close to him have seen that he is unable to concentrate on his work. In fact, he had got a role in a good TV project, but has been forced to withdraw from it now. talked to Faisal who seemed quite low when he said, “I lost my father 8 years back and now my mom is not there with me. She was the only source of strength for me. Coincidentally, my dad and mom lost their lives very early, at the same age of 55 years.”

Being at a juncture where he fears getting into depression, Faisal states, “Thank you for your kind words. I feel like keeping myself away from people. That is why I want to be with my family, my siblings who are placed in Lucknow.”

Faisal, we pray that the Almighty bestows in you all the strength and courage to accept this loss and move forward in life with renewed energy!!


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