Meet Nikhil Sabharwal, fitness-freak to the core...

Nikhil Sabharwal’s drool-worthy pictures show the perfection of the man to maintain a great physique

Meet Nikhil Sabharwal, fitness-freak to the core…

With a robust physique, model turned actor Nikhil Sabharwal looks physically apt to play the role of the army officer Akshay Sharma in Zee TV’s Bin Kuch Kahe (Rajshree Ojha and Ram Kamal Mukherjee).

From the time he was chosen for the role months back, Nikhil has been working out on his body to play the character to the ‘T’. Since he has to show off a sleek body, Nikhil got down to doing a lot of athletic and fitness activities to look his character. Also, his journey to attaining the perfect muscle mass to play the army officer was made easy owing to Nikhil’s extreme dedication in real life to being a fitness freak.

Nikhil works out for 20-30 minutes per day and does HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts.

The best part is that Nikhil also turned trainer for his co-actor friend Shivam Sood and made him loose 5 Kgs in just 2 months with workouts and diet regime.

Says Nikhil, “I eat normally everything but have brown rice with every meal and am a hardcore non-vegetarian. Luckily, on set everything was catered for. And my rigorous fitness regime is yielding results today.”

What’s more?

His introductory sequence in the show had a bare body sequence of his, wherein he gets wet owing to the sprinklers and takes off his shirt and announces that he will not move until Myra (Shamata Anchan) apologizes to him.

In the show, Nikhil’s entry has given rise to a love triangle between Kabir (Sameer Arora), Myra and Akshay.

Here are some drool-worthy pictures of Nikhil that will make you go crazy!!

Way to go, Nikhil!!

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