Says Producer Ram Kamal Mukherjee on Bin Kuch Kahe. Artecom Entertaiments finite series will have grand finale on August 18.

Anything that’s finite will end: Ram Kamal Mukherjee

Rajshree Ojha and Ram Kamal Mukherjee’s ‘dramadey’ Bin Kuch Kahe comes to an end on August 18th, and will be replaced by EsselVisions new show Bhootu on Zee TV.

Anything that’s finite will end, that’s the idea,” says co-producer Ram Kamal Mukherjee.

Based on Rajshree Ojha’s story, Bin Kuch Kahe was launched early this year. The serial received accolades from reviewers for it’s content. “Unfortunately, people still like to watch regressive content on television. So, it would be wrong to say that we tried to bring in any revolution in TV. Our show was different, and it takes time for people to like something new. I remember my colleague (former editor of Stardust) and veteran TV writer-producer Sonali Kotnis Jaffar had once mentioned that ‘Television teaches you, you cannot teach television’. After doing a show, now I know what exactly she meant,” avers Ram Kamal.

Is it a viable module for a producer to make finite series? “No. By the time people gets used to the characters, you are almost wrapping up your show. Producers generally make money if the show runs for almost a year or so. But then we never wanted to make a show that would drag for eternity. It was a choice. We didn’t make this show to buy apartments and cars. We made this show to tell the world that you can make a glossy show in a shoe string budget,” says Ram Kamal. Needless to say Bin Kuch Kahe remains one of the most glossy and stylised show of Zee TV.

Incidentally, Archana Mittal who plays Mrs Kohli in Bin Kuch Kahe will be seen playing female lead in Bhootu. How does it feel? “Both Rajshree and me are happy for Archana. She called both of us when she was finalized for the role. I am glad that most of the cast are getting lead roles in films and television. That clearly shows that we have made a good product,” says Ram Kamal.

Television is a demanding medium and we all need to move from one project to another. “True,” says Ram Kamal. “Rajshree and me are working on a Bengali feature film and a couple of projects for television and web. Soon we will make announcement of the same. Rajshree is also signed up with a leading corporate house for a Hindi feature film. I am also working on my next book, a biography on Hema Malini.”

So, what will be the last episode of Bin Kuch Kahe? “It’s a happy ending, lots of drama, a bit of comedy… that’s all I can reveal,” he signs off.

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