Candid chat with Meiyang Chang 

#MeToo movement must focus more on TV and film industry: Meiyang Chang 

Singer, actor and host, Meiyang Chang, who is currently anchoring the children’s singing talent hunt show, Love Me India, on &TV, has given his take on the raging #MeToo movement with respect to the sexual harassment allegations levelled against Indian Idol judge, Annu Malik, which has led to the latter stepping down from the judges’ dais after doing several seasons of this Sony singing show.

“I am no one to comment on Annu Malik, who was a judge of the very show that made me who I am. Having said that, it would be very wrong to just brush aside any such allegations by asking why now, for a lot of them might have truth in them as well and therefore deserve a through probe. I also accept that certain false or loaded allegations might also be made; but again, you can’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.”

“I wish to make it very clear that if something consensual happens between two people behind closed doors, it is of nobody’s concern. But you can’t misuse your position to get something that the other does not want. Consent is the most important element in any equation.”

“While I bat for this movement, I also support Vir Das’ statement asking for the public shaming to now go beyond the comedy and music circuit and focus on cinema and TV productions, which have not really come under the scanner yet,” added Chang, who is also gearing up for a couple of cover songs and the second season of Viu web series, Love, Lust and Confusion.

Point out that Sajid Khan did lose the directorial mantle of Housefull 4 and he says, “He is a minor casualty and can continue to make films, so the consequence are not very serious.”

“We also need to be realistic and understand that Rome was not built in a day. Things are getting better but it will take time. The coming out of alleged victims is the first process to the entire cleansing process, which will make our field more professional.”

In closing, Chang feels Mohammad Faiz has the best chance to win Love Me India, for, “He not only has the required versatility in different genres, but also the never say die spirit, which is equally important to survive in a pressure cooker situation.”

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