Leenesh Mattoo reminisces about Ishqbaaaz days

I was never insecure about Nakuul Bhaiya (Mehta) in Ishqbaaaz – Leenesh Mattoo


Good looking dude Leenesh Mattoo is in no hurry to get back to TV. He was last seen in Star Plus show, Isqhqbaaaz, where he impressed one and all as Rudra.

“It is not that I am not getting offers; there are several on the table, but most don’t work out on budgets, dates and other creative issues. Also, after making a mark in my last show, I need to up my game. This is not ego, just my drive to excel,” says Leenesh, who first debuted with Suhani Si Ek Ladki, back in 2014.

Star Plus had tried to create a spin-off of Isqhbaaaz with Dil Boley Oberoi, which did not last long.

“I am not afraid of out of sight is out of mind philosophy, for I am confident about my skills, and also, I am using this off time to pick up a lot of other skills (building his body), which should hold me in good stead down the road.”

Leenesh is grateful to the brand Ishqbaaz, “For converting a non-actor into an actor. Prior to this show, nobody knew me. Whatever little fan following I enjoy is only due to this Gul Khan production. It always feels nice when your work is appreciated. At least now I am getting calls for auditions and mock shoots.”

He has no regrets about the fact that he and other leads (Shrenu Parikh, Mansi Srivastava and Surbhi Chandna) were eased out before the final leap. “The makers, being smarter than me, must have had their own fundas. I am just thankful to them for giving me a chance.”

Point out that there was buzz that he and Kunal Jai Singh were unhappy with the priority being given to Nakuul Mehta, and he replies, “Well, that is silly, for he has been around for 15 years and I have just clocked in 1/3 of that. Also, as an artist, I always compete with myself and no one else.”

He is still in touch with the entire unit of Isqhbaaaz. “We have a WhatsApp group. I have always been closer to the guys (Nakuul Bhaiya and Kunal), than to the girls. I believe in festering real equations rather than filmy ones. It is always better to do your stuff and go home.”

When asked which genre would he want to do next, he says, “Supernatural; I would love to be a ghost or a male daayan, if someone gives me the opportunity.”

Unlike most TV actors, Leenesh is not very enthusiastic about web. “I am not yet comfortable with the entire digital format, including the bold scenes. Give me a daily soap any day

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