In conversation with celebrity chef Vikas Khanna

In New York, panic-buying and fear is way too much: Vikas Khanna on Corona lockdown

Star Chef Vikas Khanna Speaks To Subhash K Jha From New York On Coping With Corona

How are you coping?

I am in New York at my home. Many of my friends stay in the same building, so we are all in this together. I am catching up on all the backlog of chores at home that I never got to attend to while running around. I am keeping myself busy, staying positive.

Vikas, how is the lockdown in New York treating you?

In NY, panic-buying and fear is way too much. Too much test clinics and precautions. It makes us rethink on the uncertainty and vulnerability of life.

How are you spending your time?
Reading. Writing. Testing new recipes. Editing new movies and documentaries. Using the time to be most productive and creative. Never allowing myself to get depressed.

Makes you wonder about the uncertainty of life, doesn’t it?
Yes. On Mar 24, 2019, exactly a year ago I was working in a factory of publishers to produce my biggest book so far. Some times we feel that we are in charge. But we are not. Someone from above can destroy our plans in a jiffy. My book was to be called The Sacred Foods of India which was to take readers on a food pilgrimage. All seeming certainties are not real. The reality of life is different from the way we would like to see it.

Are you working from home?
All restaurants, catering companies everything shut down for safety. We are each other’s safety today. Though we are not in control of our times, we can use this time to do our best. Write, Think, create. Focus.

Are you maintaining self-discipline at home?
I keep the same schedule now at home as I did when I was working out of home. Waking up. …Getting ready…maintaining a schedule. It tells the mind that I’m okay. That everything will be okay.

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