Mohak Khurana who plays Vishu in &TV’s Agnifera talks about the fun in playing positive as well as negative characters.

Both positive and negative characters have their own charm: Mohak Khurana

Young talent Mohak Khurana, who is leaving no stone unturned to entertain audience as Vishu in &TV’s Agnifera, is glad that audience is appreciating his talent in the show after his re-entry.

He shares, “I am totally enjoying playing the new Vishu. He is exactly opposite to what I played earlier in the show.  That was a humble and innocent guy and now Vishu is rude, arrogant and evil. The experience of playing a negative role has been very nice so far. I love all the appreciation messages that I have received from the fans.”

Having portrayed positive as well as negative characters, we wonder what interests Mohak the more as an actor. He says, “Both positive and negative characters have their own charm. However, you get to enact a lot while playing a negative role than a positive one. Negative has many shades and layers to it; so performing a negative character is amazing. But I enjoyed both.”

When asked how he prepared himself for the negative role, he avers, “I am a good observer, so I observed a lot of villains in movies and adapted few ideas from there. Bollywood movies really helped me.”

On an end note, he adds, “Agnifera is a blessing for me as it gave me the opportunity to play two different characters in one show and also allowed me to showcase my talent. It also gave me a happy family.”

Good luck boy!

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