Drama galore in Agnifera

Kishan-Sakshi on a mission to find out Agni-Sameer’s marriage truth in Agnifera

The on-going episodes of the popular daily Agnifera (R & R Creations) which airs on &TV is coming up with some high voltage drama.

Now we hear that the makers have planned to add some more drama to make the story a lot more entertaining and gripping.

We earlier informed audience about Agni (Yukti Kapoor) and Sameer (Samridh Bawa) getting married to each other after dumping Kishan (Karan Goddwani).

In the forthcoming drama, on the dining table Sameer would feed Agni food in front of the family members. Soon, Agni will confront Sameer for his behaviour and would tell him to not repeat it as they are faking their marriage.

Meanwhile, Kishan will be aware that the two are faking their marriage. He would ask Sakshi (Simran Kaur) for help so that they can reveal the truth to everyone. They will make a plan for the same.

On the other hand, Dadi will come out of coma and tell everyone that Chacha had tried to kill her and Karan. The family will be seen confronting him. However, Karan will ask everyone to forgive Chacha.

What will happen next? Will the family do so?

We buzzed Yukti but she was busy shooting.

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