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Having seen extreme poverty in childhood, I feel it’s my responsibility to do what I can –  Sangram Singh on lockdown

Well- known wrestler and reality show contestant Sangram Singh is doing his bit towards the society in the current COVID -19 hit scenario.

He has not only donated towards PM’s relief fund but is also working with an NGO to provide food and basic hygiene kit to more than 8000 migrant labourers in the states of Gujarat, Haryana, and the union territory of Chandigarh.

“Having seen extreme poverty in my childhood, I feel it’s my responsibility to do what I can. I hope others too chip as the load is monumental, and if the lockdown extends to September as feared, the economy will plunge into a deep recession. However, all is not yet lost for our cases are nowhere as horrendous as Itay and US, which have a much more robust health system than us.”

Sangram adds, “Till now, we are surviving “Ram Bharose” ( leaving to God). Our heat and pollution have somehow strengthened our immune system. So we need to take advantage of his headwind and just follow the stay at home order and emerge victors. I wonder what tearing hurry do people have, what have they achieved so far that two more months downtime will harm them. I do concede that poor labourer can’t stay at home lest their family die of hunger, thus for them I and several others have joined hands with the govt to provide them rations.”

Sangam is further helping the community by offering online health and exercise tips which will help people improve immunity and battle the disease.

“I have also started a project to make many govt schools smart schools offering better classrooms, labs and bathrooms. However, the coronavirus outbreak stopped it in its track. I was in Ahemdabad for the same and have been unable to return to Mumbai due to lockdown.”

Sangram, when asked about his partner Payal Rohatgi’s hardcore political views, says, “She is an independent person, and I don’t interfere with whatever she does. Her problem is that she is brutally honest. I believe that all parties take the public for a ride. And we need to rise above Hindu- Muslimschism in a tough time and work for the health and welfare of all.”

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