In conversation with Fenil Umrigar

Wearing a two-piece swimsuit might be a bit too much for me – Fenil Umrigar

Talented and cute actor Fenil Umrigar, last seen in Zee TV show Raja Babu, is in her home town of Surat during the on-going coronavirus lockdown.

“I am glad to be with my parents during this tough time. I am helping out with the household chores. I am also quite active on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, making fun videos. Social media is an excellent platform to let your fans know what you are up to.”

However, unlike other telly wood celebs, Fenil does not plaster her personal life all over www.

“ While I talk on several topics, I am now wary of putting out pictures of my interaction with friends. Having burnt my hand before for fans started linking me up with industry guys who I hung out with, and that leads to equations going awry as well.”

When we ask about TV gals going dare bare on Instagram?, she says, “ Yes, I have seen several of my compatriots in bikini and man they do look hot.”

So can we see you going down the same route?

“I have no qualms in looking glammy, but adorning a two-piece swimsuit might be a bit too much for me.”

Talking about Raja Babu, Fenil says, “It was a memorial journey shooing in Jaipur for over a year. I have developed an affection for the Pink City. And seeing it getting ravaged by the coronavirus is quite sad. I am thankful to God for Surat is yet saved from this scrouge.”

Looking ahead, Fenil says, “I had been shortlisted for a Star Bharat show before the lockdown happened. There were even plans for a mock shoot. But now all timelines will go for a toss. I have been getting several other calls asking to send, self-tests, but I am holding back fearful that lockdown might last at least a month more.”

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