Hair loss and pregnancy go hand in hand. It could be before birth or after, it’s extremely common for the would-be mothers out there. And it is extremely crucial for you as a mother, to take care of your health, which includes your hair and skin too. Because why not feel good and make yourself look good too, it’s just not fair to sacrifice all! So, today we are up with some good hair care tips from Anita Hassanandani, that can actually restrict your hair fall.

Anita Hassanandani, as well know, is soon to be the hot mama in the town. She is cherishing her ongoing 9months and always uploads pictures on her social media profiles. The pictures are undoubtedly, overtly beautiful and natural and not just that, it’s inspiring too! Her skin is always glowing, seems like the pregnancy glow, her hair looks perfect, and her maternity fashion is just on point. But what we really wonder about is, how she is keeping her hair so beautiful with the pregnancy, because we all know how hair loss could be a burning issue during a time like this!

So, wondering of that, we found out that she follows some grand haircare tips of her own, that actually keeps her hair healthy and shiny even during her pregnancy. She has posted a cute video of her where her husband is giving a grand champi on her Instagram, sharing her pregnancy hair care routine! Here is the video:

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