Eager to play something challenging on screen: Saanvi Talwar

Conversation with Saanvi Talwar...

Eager to play something challenging on screen: Saanvi Talwar

&TV show Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum fame Saanvi Talwar shares with her fans via IWMBuzz that she will soon give a surprise to her fans.

“I would be soon giving them a very big surprise! So continue to love me as I will be back to entertain them,” says she will a smile.

When we ask her what further role she is like to play, Saanvi tells that she wants to play something different and challenging other than saas and bahu drama. Well Saanvi, even we want to see you in different role, we bet you are quite a versatile actress.

Now, let’s talk about current issues related to rising crime against women: “Every woman should learn martial arts and self-defense from a very early age”. She further adds, “Education should be made a must and parents should not be biased towards their children. They should educate the boy child to treat a girl equally.”

At the end when we ask her that what she is really missing from her shoot life, says, “I am too busy grooming myself & learning so many new things every day that I really don’t have the time to miss anything.”

We wish her good luck.

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