Bigg Boss 14 on Colors begins

Bigg Boss 14 Kicks Off To An Entertaining Season

The much-talked-about Bigg Boss season 14 has commenced and dabangg Salman Khan is back with his swag on Colors. Bigg Boss is the perfect fit for him, no season more so than the current one when the pandemic has left people home stuck.

The inaugural episode on Saturday night was trended. The contestants were an interesting mix, though no major Bollywood face, hope they have enough might and masala to entertain.

On stage one of the contestants who goes by the name of Nikki Tamboli was trying to cute-flirt with Salman.

“I don’t know how to flirt,” she whined in a voice straight out of a high school play based on Lolita. “But I learnt especially to flirt so I can try it with you.” Salman tried to look his amused best.

As the contestants poured in, so did former Bigg Boss winners Gaauhar Khan, Sidharth Shukla and Hina Khan. I’ve always suspected that Bigg Boss winners remain branded that way for a lifetime. Seeing the trio lording it up all over again on the show that gave them their identity, I was sure. Once a BB winner always a BB winner.

It’s a blessing to know that internet exhibitionist Poonam Pandey who staged a cheap public fight with her lately-acquired husband to get entry into Bigg Boss was nowhere to be seen. Or the self-crowned Godwoman Radhe Maa is not a contestant either. She breezed in and out of the inaugural episode blessing the BB brigade before we could chant ‘Hari Om’. Singer Kumar Sanu’s son who goes by the name of Jaan Kumar Sanu was “rejected”. I cannot think of a more humiliating way to be noticed.

Among the contestants, television actor Eijaz Khan seems to be the only one with dignity poise and wisdom. May I make an early prediction? Eijaz will win this season of Bigg Boss.

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