A day in a life of a writer seeking work

The picture caught fire in the viral world (used for representational purpose only)

Goddess Aurora hit the sky when my eyelids flickered and I checked my smartphone (smarter than me, definitely).

Lo and behold… 10 missed calls from renowned television producer Profit Kumar.

Hello sir, how are you? Sorry missed your call. Tell me sir (fumbling)…

“Kya re writer… very busy it seems? Have work for you… interested? , said Profit Kumar.

“Yes, yes… most definitely.”

“Good, come and meet me in my office at 2pm today.”

Excited and exhilarated, I rushed (with a quintessential jhola by my side)  to lap the money oops work opportunity.

***doorbell rings***

“Kya chahiye?” asked a rather grumpy man servant, who looked more like a wannabe actor.

“Kya nahin, kaun chahiye. Mr Profit ji hai?

**enters office**

“Come come, Mr writer, meet my friend Miss Creative from the channel. She is here to brief you.”

” Hello ma’am”

” Yeah whatever… I have an idea…you develop it.

“Sure sure… I too have an idea. Fresh, relatable, can redefine Indian television… it goes like this…”

**awkward silence, long silence… why do you even talk silence**

Listen… one person is coming from space. Alien type… Aamir Khan type. He comes and takes shelter in the Bhardwaj family. He falls in love with the girl in the family but her father (male vamp) opposes. Twist, drama types.  So which planet he can come from…Mars is cliched..what about Pluto?” Says Miss Creative while Profit ji munches on his pan.

“Pluto is no longer a planet ma’am. But I wanted to ask…”

“What… Pluto no planet anymore. What the f***! No probs, flashback sequence daaldo… but I want Pluto.”

“Okay… ma’am..(taking notes). So what about the girl of the house. Is she a feminist, ambitious, demure…”

***shakes her head from Borivili to Colaba***

“She is a Naagin.”


” Yes, alien in love with a naagin. Science fiction with supernatural / mythical drama. Ratings will break the ceiling.”

“But I had something more sublime in mind…”

“Sublime nahin snake. Superhit show. Take token amount from accounts. Pura 101 rupaiya,” gruntled Profit Kumar.


PS: eavesdrops while leaving:

“Channel nahin to aaj kal OTP aya hai. Will give there. If not, Youtube zindabad”

Eats dosa with the token money. Satisfied!!!

(Above pic caught fire in the viral world of social media.Used for representational purpose only)

(If any information is incorrect, offensive or you have a diverse opinion, we will be happy to hear from you. Please connect at [email protected])

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