Akshay Dogra and co-star Aarti Singh's local train journey to Vasai

Akshay Dogra and Aarti Singh found a quick way to beat the Mumbai traffic.

Akshay Dogra and co-star Aarti Singh’s local train journey to Vasai

Television’s popular on screen couple Akshay Dogra and Aarti Singh found a quick way to beat the Mumbai traffic.  The famous stars who feature in &TV’s Waaris recently made an unusual trip by boarding a Vasai local train to reach their shooting venue.

According to sources, Akshay and Aarti are known to be quite bonded, when they came to know about their shoot location taking place in Vasai, they made a mutual decision of ditching their luxury cars and travelling in local trains thereby also saving abundance of time.  Since Mumbai is currently in the phase where lot of construction of roads and digging is in process, the bridge towards Vasai road has been shut for the same reason thus creating lot of traffic. Commuting by road would mean spending hours of time in car hence Akshay and Aarti took their trip to Vasai in train. But it seemed that soon the wise decision of travelling by local train got its own share of surprises. In no time the local public recognized the popular couple and surrounded the two to click selfies and get autographs.  The kind hearted actors not only obliged their fans with selfies but also made a fun interaction with them!

Recalling the experience, the handsome hunk, Akshay Dogra said, “It was a very quick plan since we were sure that there will be a lot of traffic heading towards Vasai. It was fun and exciting experience to travel in local train, meeting our fans and reaching out to them personally. I feel I will surely do this more often, besides it’s always peaceful when you are not stuck up in car for hours and rather enjoying the beauty around you.

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