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Casting couch horror for Harshali Zine

Casting couch continues to be a major blemish in our entertainment industry. Most new actresses experience the horror, however, very few actually speak out against it. The popular notion is it being an industry norm, however, with changing times, there are few who do blow the lid off such indecent proposals.

The latest brave heart is TV and film actor Harshali Zine, who has done Marathi films and TV serials.  She was also a part of Hitler Didi on Zee TV.

Last evening Harshali posted on her Facebook page a conversation which is loathsome. It showed a   conversation between her and a guy who claims to be a freelance production controller Satish Jha. Harshali and Satish worked together in the past for a Marathi project.

A very angry Harshali lambasted the guy for the same.

We spoke to  Harshali and this is what she had to say, “I know such proposals are often made and I too have had my share especially since I post glamorous backless pictures on social media. But what is wrong  if I have a toned body, I would flaunt it right?  We are after all in the entertainment industry.”

She continued, “I lost it because this guy knew me from before yet had the audacity to make such a proposition.  I really let off steam.  Those who know me are very well aware that I don’ take such shit. If I wanted to sell myself, I know of much better ways.”

Here Harshali admitted that the fact the guy could openly ask such a question could be indicative that  many girls are also ready to go the whole hog for work. “I can’t say for sure for I don’t know.   I will not want to comment, to each his own.”

What has been the reaction to her Facebook status? “Many have supported me, but yet others warned me that if you pursue this matter, it will prove costly, as no one will want to work with me in the future.   To them I say  it is ok even now I don’t have work, at least I stood for something.”

Harshali is seeking strong action and will send a legal letter to CINTAA (governing body) asking them to ensure that such people are not allowed to work in the industry .

To complete the reportage loop, we spoke to Satish and he denied having sent a message saying his Facebook account might have been hacked.

“I tried to speak to Harshali ma’m, but she was not available,” dodged Satish.

We then called Harshali back who fired back by saying, “Had the hacker not sent me those nasty messages would he send me sorry messages seeing I  was about to take his case (check message below)?


Well, at IndianWikiMedia, we condemn any form of such behaviour and would beseech CINTAA to probe the matter and bring justice to the case.

Later, Amit Behl from CINTAA connected with us and shared, “We are helping her out. Harshali has met me and Sushant Singh. Our legal advisor has suggested that we file a police complaint. We will also inform the production executive union as this man may be a part of their union. We cannot let our members be exploited, Harshali has enough proof to book him. The act is disgusting and inhuman.” 


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