In This Fit, Saumya Tandon Goes Beach Babe.

Beach costumes that are a bit more dressed up are ideal for beach dates or beach activities such as a concert or an evening cocktail party. Casual beach costumes are perfect for days when you want to go to the beach but don’t want to get in the water since you’re just looking at it from afar. You may be reading a fantastic book or simply socializing with friends. Then there are those adorable beach costumes you’d wear on a lovely beach.

When it comes to fashion, Saumya Tandon is a charmer in every way!! Saumya has a beautiful complexion, wonderful features, and a form and shape that is to die for!! Saumya, who played Anita Bhabhi in Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain for many years till she left the show, has produced a great performance.

Saumya Tandon, who played Anita Bhabhi, has once again wowed the audience, not only with her acting but also with the different appearances she makes for herself on the program. Saumya was seen in bold yet pleasant beach wear that she put together for the program for a beach scene in one of the episodes.

Saumya described the appearance as follows: “It’s a style I worked on for over ten days, eliminating carbohydrates in the evening to stay in shape and fit into the costume. In addition, I created the appearance myself. The channel briefly called for a swimming outfit with a sarong, but I decided to make it more current and contemporary. So I put up this pretty unique style with a bandage cropped swim top and high waist shorts with a chiffon transparent slit cover. Because it’s intended to be part of a dream scene, I gave it a dreamy aesthetic.”

Source: Times of India

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