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Deepak Thakur gets into a big fight with contestants on MTV Ace of Space 2

Deepak Thakur returns to MTV Ace of Space 2

With surprises unfolding every day on MTV Ace of Space 2, our Desi Boy Deepak Thakur’s re-entry is sure to create quote a stir inside the house. Shocked, surprised, happy, envious, the contestants will be seen in mixed emotions as he is all set to make an appearance in the house. Deepak, who will enter as a messenger, will share his advice for the contestants, tagging them with some hard-hitting labels to the houseguests- Farzi houseguests, houseguests jo “zabardasti ka roti todh rahe hai”. 

With one of the most popular houseguests making a smashing come back, how can there be no conflicts? Basser Ali and Krrisann Barretto will be his easy targets, leading to a huge argument between the three.  Basser will be heard saying, “Iss ghar mein yaa toh mein rahunga ya Deepak.” Mastermind Vikas Gupta will also give Deepak the power to nominate 3 contestants for the week.

During the initial weeks of MTV Ace of Space 2, Deepak Thakur had to leave the house mid-way due to a severe injury during a task. Post his surgery, Deepak is back in the MTV Ace of Space 2 house!

The drama has just begun!

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