Deepak Thakur and Surbhi Rana become reporters in a task titled - ‘Breaking News’.

Seeing is believing and that is most important when it comes to sharing information, or more so, in giving breaking news. A similar situation had Deepak Thakur and Surbhi Rana become reporters in a task titled – ‘Breaking News’.

Surbhi Rana and Deepak Thakur are the contenders for the Fizz Captain of the week.  To judge their reporting capabilities, Sweta Singh, a popular journalist and news presenter was invited as a special guest in the Bigg Boss 12 house. Sweta gave them a task which was to reveal happenings from within the house as news breaks. The two contenders were allowed to discuss the task amongst their fellow contestants. Sweta would then decide whose news was the most notable and that contender would be graded with a plus point.

Surbhi and Deepak were in the prowl for news from the house. Surbhi decided to break the news that Happy Club is not more. Surbhi’s news spread like a wildfire in the house and everyone gave their comments supporting her conjecture. Romil refrained from giving any comments.

Surbhi got an immediate news when she saw Jasleen and Somi arguing with each other. She instantly reported this news. Jasleen and Somi fought because both alleged each other for passing unnecessary comments when not needed.

Revealing the truth? Or concocting stories to firm their captaincy? Who will become the next Fizz Captain of the week?

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