Know the latest about Jenna Ortega and what's happening currently at her end

Good News: Jenna Ortega all set to host March SNLs, all details inside

Jenna Ortega is one of the most talented and dynamic young stars that we have in the Hollywood entertainment industry. The diva has been on top of her since the very beginning of her career and well, given the kind of fandom and success quotient that she’s received in all these years, we genuinely feel and for real that she deserves every bit of the attention that comes her way. She began her career as a child artiste and received a lot of love and recognition for her work as little Jane in CW Comedy drama series titled ‘Jane – The Virgin’. She’s currently just 20 years and well, within such a short span of time, she’s already a digital sensation and for real. Her loyal legion of fans and admirers love her for everything that she shares and updates from her end and well, we are truly in awe of her beauty and charm for real.

So, to tell you all a little bit about Jenna Ortega and her latest work update, what do we get to hear folks? Well, as per reports in Pop Base, the diva is all set to host March SNLs. Well, given the fact that she’s a first time host, it’s only natural that there will be an element of nervous energy at her end.

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