Sonali Nikam and Pankaj B. Singh in &TV’s Laal Ishq

Sonali Nikam and Pankaj B. Singh will feature in an episodic story of &TV’s Laal Ishq. Read exclusive news here at

Sonali Nikam and Pankaj B. Singh in &TV’s Laal Ishq

Talented actors Sonali Nikam and Pankaj B Singh will be part of the next story coming from the banner Fiction Factory for the supernatural episodic format Laal Ishq on &TV.

As we know, B.P. Singh’s son, Akshay Singh has been working on intriguing stories for the show. This particular story that we are talking about is special, as it has been written by B.P. Singh himself.

The story which will be about a possessed baby will have a unique and interesting story line.

Pankaj and Sonali will play a couple who would be childless. They will somehow obtain a baby through illegal means so that they can lead a happy life. However, they will not know of the child they have being possessed.

We buzzed actors but could not get through to them.

This episode will air on 9 March on &TV.

Watch this space for more updates.

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