Harphoul Mohini comes from the renowned production house that has given us shows like Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, Choti Sarrdaarni, Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey. The production house Cockrow and Shaika Entertainment is known for good characterizations and storytelling.

Harphoul Mohini the new show on Colors got launched with the same promise. Colors need a fresh show and a great plot that can pull the channel up in GRPs. There has been a slide noticed in the ratings of all the existing shows on Colors. This launch is very important because it brings freshness to the programming lineup.

The show presents to the viewers a good cultural diversity when it shows two different worlds of Harphoul and Mohini. Harphoul lives in a village in Nakhrouli, Haryana wherein a curse has stopped the very birth of girl children. With the barren land not having any suitable girl for marriage, the family of Harphoul look for a suitable girl out of their place.

On the other hand, in Alappuzha, Kerala, lives Mohini the very caring family girl and a nurse by profession. She has been helping her sick father in running the house. But the problem arises when the father loses his job, and the family faces a big crisis.

Though Harphoul and Mohini live in different cultural zones of the country, the situations they face have a commonality and this is where it starts to appear that they are destined to unite. While Harphoul is bound by the promise made to his chacha Balwant of getting married in 1 month, Mohini is faced with the problem of marrying a guy who will not take ‘swarnam’ (gold) in return for marriage. This way, Mohini aims to give her gold to her father so that he makes a move in his living. Also, the fact that Mohini has three more sisters to be wed, makes her position very dicey.

The introduction sequence of Harphoul shot in a huge manner wherein his bravery is shown, while he is saving a kid gave us goosebumps. The background music of Hanuman Chalisa depicted to show the bravery of Harphoul comes across well. Zebby Singh as Harphoul is doing a good job. The rough and tough nature that erupts out of him being illiterate, is depicted well.

Shagun Sharma as Mohini is decent. However, she can do much better in her expressions.

We are in love with the Haryanvi dialect and the manner in which the dialogues are written. But sadly, the same cannot be said for how the language of Malayalam is depicted in the show. The makers can do a better job at giving the dialect an impetus.

Having said this, the cultural difference between Baisakhi celebrated in Haryana, and the Vishu and Sadhya celebrated in Kerala are shown well.

Supriya Shukla steals the show with her dynamic presence. She comes across as a strong and confident woman, who despite her shortcomings, dares to fight the scenario she faces and come out as the winner.

Actors Pankaj Vishnu, Amal Sehrawat, Sonali Nikam have good roles and are doing a good job.

Tej Sapru too needs special mention in this never-seen-before role. As the tyrant Balwant, who aims to snatch the fields of Harphoul and family, and hatches a plan to get it, the senior actor excels.

With the wedding being finalized between Harphoul and Mohini, it will be interesting now to see what happens when the families with diverse cultures come together.

Also, what makes the Jodi of Harphoul and Mohini interesting is the fact that they are way too different and unmatched. We have not seen the protagonists coming face to face, and we are waiting for that moment for sure. We hope their chemistry has power in it.

This will be a cute love story, considering that destiny has paved the way for these two to meet and get married.

The story has moved at a good pace. The makers have taken efforts in showing the cultural diversity of the two zones well. We only wish they get the dialect of the South Indian language better in the coming episodes.

We credit Harphoul Mohini with 3.5 stars out of 5.