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TV star Kritika Kamra has been vocal on social media on issues which engulf the current state of affairs

The other ‘Kamra’ rises

Is it in the surname or the impact of the rising ‘intolerance’ in the country?

Whatever be it, TV star Kritika Kamra has been rather surprisingly vocal pertaining to ongoing burning issues in the country.

Kritika, demure and dashing in real life, is a superstar in TV space with legions of global fans. Her show Kitani Mohabbat Hai is undoubtedly a classing in the context of desi television programming.

As an actor, she is par excellence and now, she has earned the tag of ‘activist’ as well.

At times when celebrities become a soft target of cyber-bullying, Kritika, unlike many of her TV acquaintances, has chosen to go brazen with her thoughts on social media.

Post the infamous Kunal Kamra-Arnab Goswami flight episode (yes, she shares the same surname Kamra), she tweeted a cheeky message drawing parallel to the incident.

Furthermore, she has gone on to condemn the ongoing violence in Delhi and has not minced her words in doing so.

Of course, Kritika’s statements have led to social media backlash, as expected these days, however, she has stood her grounds on what she believes is her point of view on the issue.

Now, we are not here to judge, who is wrong and who is right, however, it’s indeed worthy that celebrities from the TV space are expressing their viewpoint openly leaving behind diplomacy or being politically correct. Our only suggestion would be that she should continue to look at things from the bird’s eye view and be rational in her sayings. Often times, we have seen, when being pushed, it becomes a ‘you’ vs ‘I’ slug match, throwing facts out of the window.

To Kritika, keep the fire on (not in Delhi, though).

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