The ace Producer has yet another feather in his cap, and will provide more opportunities for people to master the art of visual effects through his company, Vertex Volt!!

The very successful Producer Nikhil Sinha has been the force behind some of the most mind blowing television shows we have seen recently. And now, Nikhil has added a new feather in his cap. The visual effects company that he owns, titled Vertex Volt has been directly involved in the VFX of many popular shows on Indian television. Besides shows for Triangle Films, the company has done the visual effects for shows like Mahakumbh, Shapath, Chandra Nandni, Naagarjun, Devon Ka Dev Mahadev, Hatim, Siya Ke Ram, Prem Ya Paheli Chandrakanta and many more.

Speaking about the venture Nikhil says, “We started this company in 2011 when we started with Mahadev. As a technical person, I have been always inclined towards visual arts and effects. Also, I personally make shows which have a lot of VFX. I am someone who always tries to give something new to the industry. And when you work on shows which have loads of VFX, you understand your need more!”

Talking about his inspiration in the field of visual effects, Nikhil says, “Peter Jackson and George Lucas are the people with whom I am deeply inclined. Also, Lord of the Rings was the one film which completely changed my views regarding effects.”

He adds, “Initially when we started the company, channels must have thought that we are one more company who will say a lot and do nothing. But with the success of Mahadev, people started believing in our vision. I can proudly say that Vertix Volt inspired the Industry to make more VFX based shows. We made them believe that it is possible.”

Nikhil is coming up with an institute of VFX in Ahmedabad called “The Vertex school of visual effects and animation”, where students can get enrolled in the course with practical examples.

Ask him why he opened this institute in Ahmedabad and not in Mumbai, and Nikhil replies, “We have done a study and realised that in places like Mumbai, Delhi there are lot of learning opportunities, but in places like Ahmedabad, the institutes are not so well equipped and professional; this is why I started from here. We have short term courses (two months) to long term courses of (two years) which give the candidate a post graduate diploma degree. The USP of our institute is that it is affiliated with universities and also has a secured job guarantee. That is our forte.”

Currently Vertex Volt is also working on a very high budget Bengali film.

Way to go, Nikhil Sinha and team!!



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