Learn more about PTC Network's new lineup of shows which is redefining prime time entertainment in the Punjabi genre. In an exclusive chat with us, Rabindra Narayan, top boss at PTC Network shares more on the development

Our vision is to be part of everyday life of every Punjabi across the world: Rabindra Narayan, MD & President, PTC Network

PTC Network has always been a dominant force in Punjabi entertainment. Over the years it has entertained audiences with their superlative content bouquet, and now, the network is redefining prime time entertainment with a dynamic lineup of shows that cater to a diverse audience. To share more information on the same, IWMBuzz Media exclusively caught up with Rabindra Narayan, MD and President, PTC Network. Excerpts:

What inspired you to bring this Prime Time on PTC Punjabi 6 se 10, Manoranjan Bas on PTC Punjabi?

For quite some time, viewers were requesting us to give some entertaining shows in prime time. It’s winter and people are home by 6 pm and they want to see some wholesome family entertainment on TV. As always, PTC Punjabi always keeps the viewer’s interest on top of mind and we have come up with some really top of the line OTT style drama series, talent shows and short films.

Can you elaborate on the thought process behind the content mix for the new prime time, incorporating political drama, crime stories, talent hunt shows, box office movies, and Punjabi songs?

There was great demand for drama series which is at par with Hindi channels or OTT content available in Hindi. Unfortunately Punjabi channels lacked the quality till Chausar came on PTC. Since Chausar, we were getting constant requests and hence came the concept of Mohre and more such shows. We wanted to pack a back to back roller coaster ride of entertainment for Punjabis so that they don’t have to switch to Hindi channels anymore. Hopefully we will succeed in our endeavour to provide top quality entertainment like always.

How do you believe this diverse range of content will contribute to making PTC Punjabi’s prime time appealing to a wide audience?

There is something for everyone. There is political drama, crime serial, talent hunt for youth, short films for every taste and mesmerizing original Punjabi music. It caters to all strata of viewers while keeping the thought in mind that TV viewing in Punjab is still family viewing time.

In curating the prime time lineup, what challenges did you face?

There was only one challenge – our viewers want us to be the best. Hence, we have to try and be the best in whatever we do. We work hard and that is why we have been Number 1 for years.

How does the new prime time package align with the broader goals?

Our broader vision is to be part of everyday life of every Punjabi across the world. The prime time package is another step in that direction.

Goals of PTC Punjabi in new year?

To be the primary source of entertainment for every Punjabi across the world.

Any final message for viewers of your network?

One request to every Punjabi viewer – you are Punjabi; so please watch Punjabi channels. It doesn’t matter which channel you watch. But please do watch Punjabi channels. Punjabi channels face a big discrimination in the broadcast sector in terms of ratings system and in terms of language bias. Punjabis should take pride in being Punjabi and promote Punjabi language.

Our vision is to be part of everyday life of every Punjabi across the world: Rabindra Narayan, MD & President, PTC Network 870468