The veteran is working on his dream project

Veteran Sharad Raj’s unique ‘crowd funding’ film making model

Sharad Raj, the writer cum film maker and director, with oodles of experience in the creative front is now working on his debut feature film.

Titled ‘Ek Betuke Aadmi Ki Afrah Raatein’, the story is about three characters who come to life from the world of Fyodor Dostoevsky. The film is set in the back drop of Sharad Raj’s home state, Uttar Pradesh.

Says Sharad, “We live in a world of war and hatred, violence, both communal and caste. It is this violence afflicted by materialism that affects our lives. It affects the personal stories of countries and its people. It is these personal stories, narratives of these personal tragedies that are of importance to me as a film maker. So Ek Betuke Aadmi Ki Afrah Raatein is the story of dehumanized existence of Gulmohar and his dispossessed consort, Anita until he finds love in Gomti.”

Sharad Raj, who has been in the TV and film industry, since the early 90’s has produced more than 25 TV shows, two featurettes, Ek Thi Maria and Ward No. 6.

Sharad has been working on this dream project of his for few years now, and is now looking forward to crowd-funding to take the endeavour ahead.

He states, “We have finished the script, the principal cast and crew are in place. But in order to kick start the production we are in need of funds. This is where you come into the picture. I need to raise 26 lakhs in 60 days on Wishberry through your support and contribution. This will be used to kick-start production. By contributing towards the film, you will be as much a part of it as I am.”

Interesting idea, which even might push a layman to be part of a project as big as a film by putting his money, thus helping in crowd funding.

Here’s wishing that Sharad is able to realize his dream very soon!!

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