Vishal Sharma who is a Casting Director by profession has seen the path of struggle turn into one leading to success with all his hard work.

Vishal Sharma, the Rise of A Star Maker

Life in Mumbai never stops!! Mumbai has given a lot of pride to the Nation, India’s 1st Airport,  India’s 1st 5 star hotel, India’s 1st Train – Mumbai to Thane, 1st Bus service was started in Mumbai, and who doesn’t know about the best supply chain management of the dabbawalas… The list is endless.

But, it’s Entertainment, Entertainment & Entertainment which has made it a City of Dreams.

For Vishal Sharma, Casting Director, this is what it is!!

He says, “With a dream to achieve big, I also came to Mumbai from Delhi in 2010. In my early 20s it was sounding as vague and worried as it would to any simple family thinking ki “Ladka padh likh ke naukri karega”. But the only thing I knew was “Kuch bada karna hai”.

“The first learning that I got here – “You don’t tell Mumbai what you want to do, Mumbai tells you what you can do”, & trust me this had changed my life for the better.”

“In 2011 I got my first project of casting and the never-ending journey had begun from there. Eyes full of dreams and heart full of hopes is all that kept me going, the path was certainly not all roses, you fail numerous times and still keep on trying to achieve something great. I would give all the credit to my hard work, faith and my stars which made me what I am today. With no godfather and family background from the industry, it thrills me every time I revisit all these years I have spent in the industry as casting director, identifying real talents, giving opportunities without biases and seeing them becoming a star is what still keeps me motivated,” says Vishal.

“This city and people here have made me realize all my dreams, be it the choice of profession, becoming a better human being, making a difference in the lives of others or be it my fetish for premium cars.”

Yes, Vishal Sharma is happy today after purchasing his first BMW series 5, a dream that he had seen for himself long back!!

“When I first held the keys of my new BMW series 5, I could not thank this industry more. Who could have imagined coming such a long way from nowhere” To all the people who come here with hope and faith, I would just like to tell them that trust your talent over anything else and keep trying. That’s what the key is.”

“And as Ralph Waldo Emerson said – To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your path, and not worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest. Always do what you are afraid to do. Never lose hope on your dreams and faith. Just keep going & do it!”

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