Kavita Kaushik, who plays a cop in the serial FIR, just had her long hair cropped and chose to put it to good use. The actress posted a video on Instagram in which she is seen holding a shaved strand of hair. Kavita revealed that she had cut her hair into a short bob in order to donate it to cancer patients. “And, this goes for contributions for wig making for cancer sufferers,” Kavita added before showing her new avatar. “Wait karo yaar,” says the narrator.

Kavita’s video was followed by a series of photographs revealing her new look on Thursday. She wore a blue cutout swimsuit to show off her new look. “Who’s this new chick,” Kavita captioned the photo, calling it evil. “I have no idea, but she is wicked.” Her admirers, friends, and family swarmed the comment area with heart and fire emojis as soon as her new look became viral. She was looking mindblowing in that haircut and has inspired millions of people.

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