Kansa transforms into Kaalkeya, Mahishasur, Kalnaemi, Hirnyakashyap and Kansa himself

Manish Wadhwa dons five demonic avatars in &TV’s Paramavatar Shri Krishna

With some of the most memorable characters in his kitty, Manish Wadhwa is a true veteran in the television industry. The supremely talented actor who has portrayed varied characters on screen takes it a notch higher with &TV’s Paramavatar Shri Krishna. The show’s story revolves around the mythological tale of Krishna and his uncle Kansa who was hell bent on killing his nephew as Kansa was scared that Kanha will kill him. Known to essay roles of a different calibre and stature, Manish will be seen playing the different roops of the historic evil, Kansa Mama in the mythological show. The five different characters that Kansa transforms into are Kaalkeya, Mahishasur, Kalnaemi, Hirnyakashyap and Kansa himself, all of which were heinous and demonic. In the upcoming episode, Kansa will be seen playing Hirnyakashyap, one of his five roops to fight against Lord Vishnu’s avatar Narsinh. Hrinakashyap will be attacking Vrindavan forcing Kanha to take his Narsinhavtar so that Kansa can kill him.

Talking about the roles that Manish has played he shares, “I have played characters that have been critically acclaimed and are different from one another in its own manner. The choice of roles that I’ve taken up gave me the chance to experiment with stronger characters that project negativity as well. Playing Kansa in Paramavatar Shri Krishna has been a completely different experience as we’ve have always heard, read and seen tales around him but, playing the part is an exceptional and intense process.”

The actor who doesn’t have the fear of getting stereotyped mentions, “I don’t believe that one can get stereotyped while playing a character. If you believe in yourself as an actor, you can enact any role with utmost ease and compassion and the audience will always remember you for that. Though talking about my role in Paramavatar Shri Krishna, it has many shades of anger and Kansa has gone through a lot in the battle to declare himself as God and killing Kanha. To project that level of anger and jealousy one needs to be mentally and emotionally prepared to give it their all.”

Manish has acted in mythological shows previously, but playing Kansa gave him the opportunity to challenge himself and showcase the ferocious evil in a way that would shock the viewers. Talking about his character in Paramavatar Shri Krishna Manish shares, “This has been one of the toughest characters to play as it is intense and devilish. Playing Kansa in Paramavatar Shri Krishna and his transformations gave me a chance to essay the five rudra roops of Kansa. Every roop of Kansa is different from one another in its own way and each have a distinct trait and power. The audience is bound to be excited to see Kansa Mama in a new strong visual avatar that he takes to try and kill Kanha.”

Watch out for Kansa’s fierce avatars in the upcoming episodes of Paramavatar Shri Krishna!

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