We often come across daily soaps on Indian television that get us totally engrossed in them. One such show we know of for quite some time now is Divya Drishti and we are definitely the biggest fans of it. Are you a big fan of the show too? Take a test to find out.

Are you a die-hard fan of Divya Drishti? Take a test

Divya Drishti is one of the most recent television shows in the country compared to other daily soaps. The show was loved ever since it was first screened and it has already developed a fan base of millions. The show is loved mainly due to its unique genre compared to other mainstream daily soaps that depict a love story. What has drawn a big number of fans towards this show has to be its strong storyline and unexpected plot twists.

As we said, the show has a fan base of millions across the country already. But what amuses us is the fact that every fan claims to be the biggest fan of the show. Do you think you are a big fan too? If yes, take the test we have prepared for you below.

Q1- Which channel is the show aired on?

Q2- When was the first-ever episode of the show aired?

Q3- What is the basic genre of the show that makes it special?

Q4- What role does Nyra Banerjee play on the show?

Q5- Who plays the role of Drishti on the show?

Q6- Who are Divya and Drishti’s parents?

Q7- Who are Shikhar’s parents on the show?

Did you get through all the questions above with complete ease? If yes, CONGRATULATIONS! You truly are a big fan of the show. Stay tuned with us for more exciting quizzes and updates on your favorite celebs.

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