Nyrraa M Banerji, the talented beauty, who rose to fame after her performance in Divya Drishti, has caught a lot of eyeballs with her sensual avatar as Pishachini aka Rani in Colors TV’s show Pishachini. In an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz.com, Nyrraa spoke about her new role, challenges, co-stars, and more. Read on:

Why did you opt for this show?

It is Mrinal ma’am show, I completely trust her and her story-writing skills. I wanted to work with her after Divya Drishti. She called me one day and offered me this part. I was glad and immediately came on board. Another thing that made me say yes to this project was the supernatural genre. It is my favourite genre hence I keep accepting such kinds of roles.

Tell us about your character…

I play the role of Rani. She is an evil being with a beautiful face and long tresses that add to her charm. Rani’s character is extremely intriguing, and it gives me a great opportunity to experiment as an actor. I hope that my fans and supporters like me in this new avatar and shower me with their blessings.

Do you fear being compared to Sangita Ghosh, who earlier essayed the role of Pishachani?

There cannot be any comparisons because the way Sangita Ghosh ma’am did it was different. She has given life to that Pishachani in a very different way. I am giving a different personality to this Pishachani. It is going to be drastically different. There will not be any similarities between the two and I am sure fans will enjoy my portrayal of Pishachani as well.

What were the challenges that you faced while getting into the skin of the character?

It was not challenging. I just had to keep in mind one thing: I am not a human but a spirit. My body language should be effortless, easy, and swift. I am an enchantress and hence have that aura.

How is your rapport with your co-actors?

It has been amazing so far. Both are darlings. We get along like a house on fire right from day one. Harsh Rajput is in my gym so I already knew him. I met Jia Shankar via this show, she is a pretty girl. Everyone in the cast is amazing

Do you perform your own stunts?

I perform my own stunts. So far, we have not used anybody double. It has been difficult yet challenging. It gives a serious boost of confidence when you are able to do it yourself. Performing my own stunts is making me fit and strong. The harness has become a cakewalk for me.

What do you prefer: a positive or negative role?

Mostly positive roles are inspiring so I like playing them. Negative roles like Pishachani where there is fantasy and drama.

Any final message?

I would just like to say that shower us with your love and support. We are sure audiences will like our show.