For Aparna Dixit, television is her love. And she will always choose TV over other options made available to her.

I am not too keen about doing anything outside TV – Aparna Dixit

Aparna Dixit, popularly known as Devika of Kalash has been enjoying great family time in the last couple of months. Though her love for television is so much that she is keen on getting back to TV, she is being very patient, taking things as they come.

However, the actress reassures her fans that she will soon be back to what she enjoys doing the most, and that is acting on TV…

Says Aparna, “I am not too keen about doing anything outside TV. TV has always been my love. There are a lot of actors who talk about the never-ending schedules in the industry. However, I have no problems in keeping with the pace of the industry. I feel TV keeps me occupied and busy.”

Ask her about the kind of work she is looking at now, and she is quick to say, “I am looking for a good role on a good channel. Yes, I want to play only positive roles. However, I am not being very selective about the genre of work. I do not mind doing anything. If you ask me, I will love to get into a modern today’s girl look for my next. I have been enjoying time; my parents were here with me. I have also been traveling. Above all, I am enjoying doing events right now. I have never had the time to do it so far. You get to go to different places, work as well as take time off for yourself if you are doing events. But yes, I guess I am done with all the chilling now. I need to get back to action.”

Going by the trend of going the digital way, Aparna avers, “I will be very choosy if I have to take something on the digital space. Also it is not something that I will choose over TV. If I have time on my hand, I might pick up something. But I need to get comfortable playing the role. I know myself, and I don’t think I can ever go bold right now. That is why I am sticking to TV. I enjoy the content that is available on the digital space. But I don’t personally think I can perform well there. I have not reached that level yet, and might under-perform.”

Before signing off, Aparna sends out love to her fans, with a special message that she will get back soon with something that justifies her acting capabilities.

All the very best, Aparna!!

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